Wildseed Farms Volkswalk


A little-known fact about Fredericksburg is that the city was the first in the U.S. to create a walking club. The “Volksportverein Friedrichsburg” or “People’s Sport Association of Fredericksburg” was created in 1976 after a local man, Kenn Knopp visited family in Germany. Having been very overweight at the time, Knopp’s family introduced him to the sport of walking which he brought back to Fredericksburg as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle to his neighbors while still holding on to the town’s German roots.

Since its creation, the club holds annual walking events all around the Fredericksburg area, one of which takes place this February the 11th. The Wildseed Farms Volkswalk is a free 5k or 10k walk event that winds through the wildflowers and grape plantings the area is best known for. The event starts at 9 am at the music pavilion where food venues and tasting areas will be set up, and lasts until noon. Come out and take a walk through a little piece of Fredericksburg’s German history.