Touring Fredericksburg – Part 2


Fredericksburg Brewing Company

This local brewery can be found right in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg, so you can’t miss it. They’ve got great bar food, and will even sell you a growler of your favorite beer to take with you. Their brewers really know what they’re doing and consistently put out a great product every time. You won’t be disappointed in coming here, and you can bring the entire family!


Pasta Bella Restaurant & Bakery

This quaint little restaurant is a local favorite. In every bite, you can taste the authenticity and care they put into their food. Their sauces are rich in flavor, and they even have some really great dinner salads. Their prices are very reasonable and it’s a great choice for even the pickiest of eaters.


Auslander Restaurant

When in Rome! Fredericksburg is full of German heritage, so why not try the local’s favorite German restaurant? The Auslander is well known and every local will tell you that you can’t be in town and not try this place. Now do as the Germans do and enjoy some spicy sausage and beer!


Sunset Grill

This American Bistro in town offers a variety of Texas and Tex Mex foods that blow your mind! Their homestyle cooking will make you feel like a part of the family, like when you come home to visit and your mom always has to make sure you have enough food (because you look like you haven’t been eating!)


Silver Creek Beer Garden & Restaurant

If you want to try some legitimate Schnitzel, this is the place to get it! Silver Creek has several of the Texas staples, like steak and ribeye, as well as some of the staple German dishes, like the aforementioned Schnitzel. If you want to try something a little different, they also serve quail!