Spring is in the air!


Spring often comes a little early in Texas, as we typically only have a “winter” from November to February. We’ve already seen quite a few nice days in the 70’s. While we might experience a few more days of cooler weather here and there before spring really makes it’s appearance, we think it’s safe to say that spring is here!


We’ve got a few tips to help you make a smooth transition into the new season:


Put those sweaters and coats away the right way. Don’t just hang them up to gather dust in your closet. Storing them properly is important for reuse next year, because let’s be honest, chunky sweaters and coats never really go out of style. For delicate items like silk or cashmere, or anything that’s special to you (maybe that ugly Christmas sweater that you secretly love?), wrap it in acid-free tissue paper and place in a 100 percent cotton-canvas storage bags. If you have a real fur coat, think about getting it professionally stored during the summer months, since real fur needs to be kept in climate-controlled spaces. The humidity can really damage real fur, and we all know how bad it gets here sometimes.


Canning any leftover fall fruits or vegetables will help you take them into the new season. If canning isn’t your thing, that’s okay too! There will be plenty of in-season fruits and veggies to satiate your appetite. The Fredericksburg Farmers Market is a great place to stock up.


Your vegetation will likely need a facelift once the weather warms a little. Make sure to keep an eye on plants and water them as necessary to bring those beautiful greens back to life! Spring is, after all, the season of rebirth. The Huffington Post gives great tips on how to revive plants and how to determine if your plant can be saved or not.

Get out and get some sun! You’ve been cooped up for months in this winter cold; it’s time to get out and get some vitamin D. There are several places for you to get out about around here (and no, walking to your mailbox and back doesn’t count!) Check out our blog next week where we’ll give you some reasons to get out of the house for spring break!