Spooky Sightings and Haunted Highways, Part II


Ghost Tracks of San Antonio

No doubt one of Texas’ most famous ghost stories is that of the San Antonio train tracks, just south of the San Juan Mission. According to the legend, a school bus full of children stalled on the tracks during the 1930’s before being struck by an oncoming train, killing 10 children. While no records have been found of the incident, it does not deter folk from telling the tale.

As the story goes, the children still haunt the area in an effort to prevent anyone from meeting their same fate. Supposedly if you park your car directly on the tracks and shift into neutral, the children will push you, uphill, and out of harms way.

For more fun, sprinkle some baby powder on your car and look for some creepy handprints to appear!

Dead Man’s Hole

Just south of Marble Falls sits a historical land marker for Dead Man’s Hole, a 7-foot wide, 160-foot deep hole in the ground, most likely caused by gas pressure. Originally discovered in 1821, the hole was used as a place to dump bodies during the Civil War, the remains of which were discovered forty years later. While hauntings are not known to the area the hole is still worth a visit due to its creepy history.

Driskill Hotel

Located on Austin’s famous 6th street, the Driskill Hotel is said to be one of the most actively haunted places in Texas. Opened in 1886, the “Hotel of Dreams” was an upscale luxury hotel which was met, almost instantly with tragedy. After less than a year of being opened, there is a documented death of the young daughter of a Senator who tragically fell down the main staircase while chasing after a ball. Today, guests claim to hear her laughter throughout the hallways.

The second most famous story of the hotel is that of the “suicide brides.” Two women, both on their honeymoon, committed suicide in Room 525 twenty years apart. The room had so much reported phenomena that hotel staff eventually closed it off entirely. However, upon reconstruction of the hotel in 1998, the room was reopened although the stories of apparitions and unexplained leaks continue to this day.