Spooky Sightings and Haunted Highways, Part I


The Halloween season is upon us and if spooky sightings and haunted highways are your thing, check out our list for the most haunted places in the Texas Hill Country.

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock State Park is one of the most visited parks in Texas and guests are never shy to share their spooky stories. While the enormous pink granite is a wonder all on its own, the history behind Enchanted Rock makes it one of the most interesting of the supposedly haunted places in the area. Early on, Comanche, Apache and Tokawa tribes inhabited the area and believed the rock had magical powers and would often perform sacrifices on the mountain. To this day, visitors report seeing footprints including those of a chief who sacrificed his own daughter.

Dating back to the 1800’s people have reported hearing the mountain make some interested sounds from moaning to creaking, as well as seeing glowing blue lights appear in the distance.

Woman Hollering Creek

Located on I-10 between San Antonio and Seguin, Woman Hollering Creek is named for a popular Mexican legend of La Llorona or “the weeping woman.” Legend has it that a young woman gave birth to her first child before drowning it in the creek. To this day, she supposedly wanders the area wearing a white gown and mourning the death of her child. Be careful not to get to close, as it is said she will pull you in!

The Devil’s Backbone

Home to one of the most popular paranormal stories is the large limestone ridge known as The Devil’s Backbone. The ridge stretches from Blanco to Wimberly and locals insist it is haunted. From Confederate soldiers wandering around the area to horses that seem to just disappear into thin air to a lady in white walking along the side of the road, The Devil’s Backbone has a little bit of everything.

Be sure to check out the Devil’s Backbone Tavern, a bar who thrives off the legends and which is said to play host to its share of paranormal activity.