Reach for the Peach


It’s┬áspring time in Fredericksburg and we all know what that means…peaches! Famous all over Texas, Fredericksburg peaches are truly delicious, so juicy and perfectly sweet. Just driving along the road, you will find numerous fruit stands to choose from. Often times, these stands also sell homemade baked goods, some made with the delectable peaches and some not. These famous peaches are perfect for cobblers and jam, or freeze them and devour them later.

What many visitors to the area don’t know is that, instead of going to a fruit stand, you can even pick your own! Who wouldn’t want to take home a basket of peaches they hand-picked, fresh from the garden? Marburger Orchard has been producing delicious peaches for 37 years, along with strawberries and blackberries. Take a walk out in the orchard with a basket and pick to your hearts content! For your convenience, they keep an updated blog on their website to let you know picking conditions.