Next stop: Luckenbach, Texas

Just 13 miles away from our beautiful city of Fredericksburg is good old Luckenbach, Texas. A town so great, it’s mentioned in several Texas Country songs.


A little Luckenbach History

Sign above the old post office in Luckenbach

The oldest building is a combination general store and saloon opened in the mid 1800s by a German woman. The community, first named Grape Creek, was later named after the woman’s husband, Carl Albert Luckenbach. Apparently, Luckenbach was first established as a community trading post and was one of only ones that never broke a peace treaty with the Comanche Indians. They frequently traded with the Comanches. Luckenbach’s population was scarce by ‘60s, and it is said that there was a newspaper advertisement offering “town — pop. 3 — for sale.” A rancher and Texas folklorist,  Hondo Crouch, bought Luckenbach for $30,000 in 1970, in partnership with two others.


The Texas Country Scene

Luckenbach is famous for being so associated with Country music. You hear the town’s name in several songs, the most popular being titled “Luckenbach Texas” by Waylon Jennings. The town’s association with the musical genre began in ‘73 when outlaw country classic “Viva Terlingua” was recorded at the dance hall. Jennings and Willie Nelson recorded their famous song about four years later. It’s said that notable artists played there often, such as the two aforementioned, along with Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen, and Lyle Lovett. Today, this quaint town is still known for it’s Country feel, hosting several big shows a year. It’s often that you will find locals just playing music on Tuesday night at the popular watering hole. This is a true Texas Country town that holds some of the state’s history and music history. This is a place you’ll definitely want to visit while you’re in the area.


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