Labor Day Break!

Our Rock ‘n’ Roll weekend was so much fun! We enjoyed all the costumes, music, and company! We loved ending this summer on a good note.



Labor Day Weekend!


Of course we are celebrating Labor Day weekend, as will the rest of this beautiful state! You can expect movie nights, pool games, crafts, and much more on site. However, if you feel like seeing what special events the surrounding area has to offer, we’ve got you covered!


Luckenbach Labor Day Celebration is a popular Texas Labor Day event, and it’s only 15 minutes away. This famous little Texas town will be hosting its annual Labor Day celebration with live music, good food, and a great time!


Just an hour away, you can experience the World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off Overview in Brady, Texas! This two-day, annual event provides fun and entertainment for families all over Texas. The cook-off will be held at Richards park in Brady, and families can expect food booths, games, a welcome party, and event-ending dance.