Head on down to Luckenbach

Named after Jacob Luckenbach, some of the first settlers in Fredericksberg in the 1830s, the town has become a staple in Texas history. Originally, the tiny hill country town began as a Trading Post consisting of a post office/general store/liquor store all in one and was one of the earliest settlements in the area. Today, the general store still stands, a tiny building with a huge history. There you will get a glimpse into what life was like during the earliest days of Luckenbach as well as finding plenty of keepsakes like t-shirts, ball caps and beer koozies to take home with you. As their original ad read in 1902, they sell everything “from coffins to cowbells.”

Music is one of the biggest influences of the culture in Luckenbach and the famous dance hall there serves as the best representation of it. The hall has been in operation since 1887 and is one of the most famous venues in country music. Country music artists Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings even wrote a song named after the town which has been a staple of the dance hall ever since. Dances and concerts continue on almost every weekend and local artists can be found playing on any given weeknight.


If you work up an appetite dancing, be sure to stop by the Feed Lot. Open Wednesday-Saturday the lot offers burgers, bratwurst, pulled pork and a variety of snacks. Nestled under the shade of oak trees, the lot is an ideal way to enjoy the hill country views and maybe catch some more live music from the stage next door.

Located only 10 miles from Fredericksberg, Luckenbach is a must-see historic stop that we highly recommend and hold dear to our country hearts.