Back to School

Back to School Weekend!


We hope you guys didn’t get too wild on our Safari weekend! But we also hope you had as much fun as we did. We enjoyed our dance off today and all the exploring and games we got to play with you.


But…we have some bad news. Unfortunately, school is about to start! Booo! But don’t think that that’s going to stop us from having a good time during the school year, too.


What Do We Have Planned?


The next few months are going to be fun-packed for us, so once all the homework is done, stop by and have some fun! This coming weekend, we’ll be celebrating school starting with our Back to School Blast! Next weekend, we’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ at our Retro Rock and Roll weekend, and then we’ll be having some good old fashion labor day fun on September 4th. September 11th is a little special to us as we celebrate and honor our military service men and women, still serving and retired. September 18th we’ll kick off our Sports Weekend, and then on the 25th, you can take a break and relax with the bears. School is tough, for the young and the old alike, so treat yourself and your kids to some rest and relaxation.


Back to School Blast!



We’ll start our Back to School Scavenger Hunt at 11:30 AM, which will start at the Ranger Station. We’ll play some family Wii games at 5:30 PM in Bluebonnet Hall, so you get to spend some extra quality time with them! Come to the bonfire and hear Boo Boo tell some stories at 7:30 PM. Don’t forget to bring your graham crackers and marshmallows!



Come and join our family wagon ride at 10:30 AM! At 11:30 AM, we’ll meeting at the Longhorn Breezeway to decorate new school supplies! We’ll be coloring T-Shirts, tote bags, and more. Ready to have the last little bit of summer water fun? Good! We’ll doing a water balloon toss at 4:30 PM, and be prepared to get wet! Make sure your vocal chords are ready for some family karaoke at 5:30 PM at Jellystone Theater. We’ll be having another bonfire at 7:30 PM, followed by a family move at 8:30 PM.



Sadly, our Back to School Bash must come to an end, but not before we have just a tiny bit more fun! Come play some family trivia at 10:30, and play some pool games at 11:30.


We hope you’ll enjoy this weekend of freedom before the stress homework and tests begin! If you have any questions about rates or availabilities, give us a call!