6 Tips for camping with your dog


Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends so who better to bring along that man’s best friend: your dog! Dogs love the great outdoors and since the campsite is pet-friendly (dogs and cats only), why not bring your four legged pal along for the trip? But before you do, make sure you’re totally prepared with everything Rover may need during your stay.

Make sure all shots are up-to-date

First of all, be sure your dog’s shots are up to date. Being outdoors for so long can be dangerous to your pet if he’s not caught up on his flea, tick and heart worm prevention shots so a trip to the vet may be needed before you bring him along.

Bring plenty of food and water

Food and water are the most obvious essentials your dog will need. Make sure you bring along plenty as he may be more hungry or thirsty than normal with all the running around he’s sure to do. Don’t forget to bring some bowls and a water dispenser or a good pet travel kit. Another good thing to add to the kit is extra poop bags. You can never have too many of those guys!

Don’t forget the treats

Pets can also get easily stressed in new environments so to help ease your dogs stay, bring along some of his favorite treats or chew toys. Having some comforts of home will help the transition, especially if camping is new to him. You’ll also need to bring along his crate or bed so that both of you can get a good night’s rest.


Make sure to have a good leash and collar 

While dogs are allowed at the camp, we do require they stay on leashes when out. A good suggestion is a 360-degree rotating leash that can easily be staked in the ground. This will prevent your dog from getting tangled up and creating a mess for the both of you. In case your furry friend does manage to break loose, be sure he’s got a good collar with up-to-date tags. Don’t forget a regular leash so he can join you on walks or hikes throughout the park.

Keep your fur-baby cool in this Texas heat

Texas weather can be crazy so your pet may not be used to drastically changing temperatures. A nice cooling bandana can help with the hot summer heat, while a doggie sweater is perfect for the cooler nights.

Invest in a good pet first-aid kit

Lastly, while the campsite is safe, you are outdoors and your pet can be vulnerable to accidents. A good first-aid kit consists of some pet sunscreen, anti-itch spray, flea and tick protection, any regular medications your pet may need as well as vet records, just in case.

Having your pet around is not only fun for you both, but it’s also good for your health. But as a pet owner, your priority should be making sure that you can safely travel with you furry friend and making sure he has everything he needs. We hope to meet some of your fur-babies around the site!