5 Reasons to Camp in the Spring

5 reasons to camp in the spring

While most people associate camping with summertime, the spring is actually a great time to bust out the sleeping bags and get outdoors after spending months inside cozied up by the fire. Here’s a few reasons why you should pack up the RV early and plan a springtime camping trip.

  1. The Weather Is Great

While the summer is great, that overbearing heat isn’t always so nice. Camping in the hill country during the spring gives the advantage of having warm daytime temperatures, usually in the mid 70’s while getting a nice cool breeze at night, without freezing. While you may need to pack an extra blanket and a warm hoodie, a warm campfire and smores can make it all worth it.

  1. Less Crowds

Because most people think camping should be done in the summer, the parks tend to fill up quickly. Camping earlier in the year gives you the benefit of finding the perfect spot without having to worry about parking or noise from any neighboring campsites. Plus, there’s something extra special about enjoying the night with just you and your loved ones

  1. The Bugs – or Lack Thereof

One thing that summertime has more of is bugs, especially mosquitos. While you may still find the occasional fly or bees in the area, the peskiest pests are still sleeping away and won’t be as big of a bother during the spring.

  1. The Scenery is Beautiful

The Texas Hill country is well knowns for its wildflower fields which predominately bloom in the spring. There’s really nothing else like taking a long drive past miles of bluebonnets, sunflowers and many of the other blossoming flowers that cover the hillsides.