5 Camping Hacks You’ll be Glad You Know



Ask any regular camper and they’ll let you know that bugs can be one of the biggest nuisances around. But did you know that flies and other bugs hate the smell of Pine-sol? Make a solution of half water, half Pine-sole to wipe down your countertops, chairs and other belongings to drive away those pesky pests.

Shower caps for shoes

Worried about tracking in dirt and mud after a long day of outside adventures? Simply bring along a few shower caps to wrap around your shoes. This will also make for a less messy ride home so that your shoes don’t dirty up the rest of your belongings.

Shoe organizers organize more than shoes

Use a shoe organizer to keep your cooking utensils, silverware, napkins and toiletries organized. Actually, it’s good to keep most things organized on trips!

Suction-cup hooks help dry towels

Planning on taking a swim but not sure what to do with all those wet towels? Grab some suction cup hooks to stick to the side of the RV. Towels will dry much faster and you won’t have to worry about the mess inside. You can also use them inside the shower to hang up those wet swimsuits.

Snap-on trays for chairs

And finally, after a long day of adventures around the park there’s no better way to relax than watching the stars in your lawn chair with a glass of wine in your hand. But just in case you don’t feel like holding your glass all night long, bring along some snap-on trays for your chair. The trays will also come in handy to hold keys, cell phones and other belongings.