5 best places to eat in Fredericksburg


While still a quaint little town, Fredericksburg is a tourist destination. Right outside of a few big cities and other small, antique-filled towns, Fredericksburg is full of culture and must compete with the nearby areas to entertain visitors.


The city does a wonderful job of that with its wineries and local brewery, but they are also a contender thanks to the many restaurants serving tourists and locals alike. We’ve put together a small list of the places that you and your fellow travelers need to try while you visit!


  1. Vaudeville


Vaudeville is a higher end restaurant in our usually more affordable city, but it’s worth every penny. Their menu is full of interesting and flavorful concoctions and the historic-style building will take you back in time as you dine. Visit them for Sunday brunch and see what all the fuss is about!


  1. Nest


The Nest is located in an old, historic home and really gives you that home-cooked, family meal feel. This is where to get your juicy, tender steaks and New Zealand rack of lamb. Serving good old, down home Texas classics with a twist, you won’t disappointed having dinner here.


  1. Otto’s


Otto’s will give you a taste of Fredericksburg history. This German restaurant is a local favorite and entices your pallet with old country flavors and combinations, serving Schnitzels to Apfelkuchen. When you’re in a German town, you have to try German food at least once.


  1. Auslander


The Auslander is another local German restaurant conveniently located downtown where you can try our cultural favorites. When tourists ask any of the locals where they should eat, this will typically be in most of their “top 5” lists.


  1. Pasta Bella

If German food is your not flavor, that’s okay too. Our great town has a little something for everyone. Pasta Bella’s quaint little restaurant offers some of the best Italian food in the area. The fresh pasta and homemade sauce really make it stand out among other places in town.