Camping with Kids

camping with kids

In a world dominated by electronics and technology, many parents are looking for ways to get their children’s eyes off the screens and get some outdoor time. Camping is a great way to keep your kid’s entertained while educating them on nature and history and finding a way to bond with them as well. If you’re getting ready to take your kiddos camping for the first time, it’s sure to be a bit of a shock. So here are a few tips to get your kids ready and exciting for their first trip.


Practice camping at home

An easy way to get the little ones ready for outdoor life is by setting up a makeshift campsite in your backyard. Pitch a tent outside and spend a night stargazing, eating smores and focus on staying off the electronics. This will start to get your kids ready for a few days of outdoor living.


Remember to pack a first-aid-kit

You know your kids better than anyone and sometime they can be unexpected, especially in a new environment. Children can get excited and trip over an unseen bump in the road, get bitten by unexpected bugs and a number of other things. Be prepared for a few scrapes and bruises by packing a good first aid kit full of band-aids, ointments, bug spray and any medicines you may need. The worst thing is for a small injury to cause a short end to your trip.


Bring a few toys from home

Maybe you want the kids completely off of cell phones and tablets, or maybe a little use is okay, either way you want to make sure to bring a few things from home so that they have something to play with during downtime. With such a big change, the kids usually feel more comfortable when they have a few things that remind them of home.


Get them involved

One of the best ways to ensure your kid has a good time while camping is to let them be involved. Whether that’s gathering firewood, organizing supplies, or picking the hiking trails, kids will respond best to the outdoors when they feel involved and appreciated.


Most importantly, have fun! 

Most importantly, have fun! If you go into a new trip with a positive attitude, chances are your kids will too and it will make for a fun and safer trip for everyone!