How to Build a Campfire


Campfires area a loved pastime for many campers, and for some a requirement for any outdoor experience. While we allow campfires in the designated fire pits, here are a few tips for getting your fire started.


First, you want to lay some tinder in the middle of your pit. This can be anything from small twigs to leaves. Wood bundles can be purchased at the Ranger Station. You may also bring your own but keep in mind only wood or charcoal is permitted to be used in the park.


Once you get your kindling laid down, you have two basic options for building your fire. The teepee option is great for making a bigger fire, while the log cabin method is perfect for warmth. To build the teepee you’ll want to stack several sticks up against each other. It works best if you use several sticks and build more of a pyramid shape and then add some more leaves and sticks to the middle of the teepee.

For the log cabin option, you will want to use large wood pieces. Start by placing two large pieces parallel to each other, with two others stacked on top forming a square. This forms the base of your fire so be sure to fill the inside with plenty of tinder. Continue building up by adding a few more layers of firewood, getting a little bit smaller with each layer. Finish by adding a layer of kindling and tinder across the top. Remember to leave space between logs so the fire can get plenty of oxygen.


Now you’re ready to light it up. Strike your matches and light the tinder in several different places. Blowing occasionally on the fire will help give it oxygen so that it will spread quicker. As the fire burns overtime, you may need to move some of the bigger pieces to the middle so that they burn thoroughly.

When you’re done with your campfire be sure to put it out. The best way is by pouring water on all areas of the wood and tinder. You may need to stir the ashes around to be completely sure the fire is out. Never leave a campfire burning and unattended!