Death By Chocolate/Father’s Day Weekend!

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June 15 - June 17
12:00 AM


Do you love Chocolate?! Do you love your Dad?! Well this year you can spend a weekend with us celebrating them both! We will have a ton of activities filled with chocolate: like Candy Bar Bingo, Oreo Stacking Contests, and even Chocolate Pudding Wrestling!! There will also be a Wine Tasting & Live Entertainment!


9:30am- Start your morning off right with the original Yogi Bear™ Cartoons at Bluebonnet Hall!

10:30am- Father’s Day Craft for Dad! Meet at Bluebonnet Hall! Boo Boo™ will be stopping by!

4:30pm- Diving for Treasure! Meet at the Ol’ Swimmin Hole!

5:30pm- Feeding the Fish with Yogi Bear™! Meet at the Water Wheel.

6:30pm- Anyone out there have a sweet tooth?! Come join us in Bluebonnet Hall for Candy Bar Bingo! Bring a Candy Bar or $1 for a bingo card! Dad gets a free card!

7:30pm- Storytelling with Ranger Smith™! Meet at Bluebonnet Hall.

8:45pm- Pool Side Movie at The Ol’ Swimmin Hole! (Weather Permitting)



9:30am- Bring Mom & Dad for Beat the Parents Trivia! Meet in Bluebonnet Hall.

10:30am- Wagon Ride with Dad! Meet at Yogi Bear™ Plaza. Cindy Bear™ will be there to see you off!

11:30am- Come to Bluebonnet Hall and make Dad a gift for Father’s Day! It’s the perfect time to show him how special he is! There will also be a special visit from Boo Boo™!

3:30pm– It’s time for Chocolate Face Painting! Meet a Bluebonnet Hall! Ranger Smith™ will be stopping by!

4:30pm- Are you ready for Chocolate Pudding Wrestling?! Meet at the Playground! Bring a partner and be prepared to get messy and have a ton of fun!

6:30pm- Water Balloon Baseball! Meet at the Playground!

7:00pm-10:00pm- Wine & Beer Tasting($) & Live Entertainment by Jimmy Lee Saurage at the Snack Shack!

7:30pm- Bonfire & Storytelling with Yogi Bear™ at the Fire Pit! Come roast s’mores & hotdogs with us! Bring your own or purchase them from the Ranger Station!

8:45pm- Family Movie at Jellystone Theater! (Weather Permitting)



9:30am- Father’s Day Breakfast with Yogi Bear™! Meet at the Snack Shack

10:30am- Morning Wagon Ride! Meet at Yogi Bear™ Plaza! Come join us bright and early for a ride through the campground. Cindy Bear™ will be riding with you!

11:30am- It’s time for Morning Exercises with Boo Boo™! Meet at the Flag Pole.

4:30pm- Let’s play Sharks & Minnows! Meet at the Ol’ Swimmin Hole!

5:30pm- Family Kick Ball! Meet at the Playground!

6:30pm- Are you ready for Frozen Marbles?! Meet at the Snack Shack! 

8:45pm- Family Movie at Jellystone Theater! (Weather Permitting)